Animal Heads On Human Bodies Will Give You Nightmares

Sorry in advance for the bad dreams these will cause.

Remember that kid Sid from "Toy Story"? 

You know, the one that mutilated toys to make Frankenstein-like, mutant creations? Well, Italian artist Francesco Sambo kind of reminds us of him.

Why? Because he digitally mashes together photographs of animals and humans to make beautifully freaky images that will haunt your dreams.  

Now, enjoy his photo series "Bestiary."  


Too bad this isn't a doctored photograph of Lana Del Rey, because, well, Llama Del Rey.

And this could have been Allen Ginsberg's body, because of "Howl."

Here's another kind of elephant man.

"Planet of the Apes" just got a little darker.

It still looks sweet even with those muscular arms.

Pretty sure this minotaur was a character in "American Horror Story."

We're not lion, this one is pretty cool.

More cute than creepy, we'd say.

This cat looks so thoughtful.

Pig Latin is his first language.

It won't be a bad thing when this guy croaks.

Finally, the most unsettling one of them all...

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