By Changing 'The Way You Look At Food,' This Film May Change 'The Way You Look At Life'

"One of the most powerful things individuals can do is use their food choices as a way of changing the world."

What if we could change the world, simply by choosing what to eat or what not to eat? Sounds a bit too simple, but a new documentary called Feeding Tomorrow claims it is possible. 

According to filmmakers Oliver and Simon English, Ethan Hethcoat, and Mark Miller, Feeding Tomorrow is "an endeavor of art and education as it relates to the wellbeing of our planet and ourselves." As an environmentalist and restaurant developer, Oliver has first-hand knowledge of the effects of globalization and climate change on the world's food system, while environmentalist and director Simon is dedicated to telling stories that raise awareness about why making our planet as sustainable as possible is so important.

"Using food as our nexus, we explore the intersection of personal choice as it relates to the environment, technology, politics, education, health, and overall societal design," the filmmakers explain on the documentary's website,

The trailer, below, features a variety of experts discussing how we must use the earth to feed and sustain us, while also enriching our planet via the choices we make about our food.


"We showcase innovators on the front lines of creating positive change in our food system today — farmers, educators, chefs, entrepreneurs, scientists, and nutrition and wellness experts," the website says.

"Ultimately we ask the question: By rethinking our relationship with food and habits of consumption, can that change the way we view the world?"  

Thankfully, we have a hunch the answer is yes.

Feeding Tomorrow is slated for a Summer 2018 release. Learn more about the film here and follow Feeding Tomorrow's journey on Instagram.


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