Fathers And Their Kids Were Asked What About Each Other Made Them Proud And It's Just Really Beautiful

Sniff sniff.

You better grab a tissue. 

Echo, a "storytelling agency," released a video titled "Tell Them Now" and it's an absolute heart-melter. 

In front of the camera, ten fathers along with their ten kids were asked to answer one simple question: What is it about each other that makes them proud? Judging by the vid, sometimes it's the simplest things that we don't tell each other enough.

"We hope it will inspire you to pick up the phone and call your dad," explains the video's description on YouTube. "Tell him why you're grateful; tell him why you're proud. He might just do the same. So much in life goes unsaid. Vulnerability and gratitude can crack us open in the best of ways."

Watch the entire video below.


Sniff sniff.

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