This Is Not Your Usual Reaction To A Newborn. And That's Because These Parents Managed To Keep A Massive Secret.

Now, how do you keep a secret like that?

When you get to meet your friends' newborn for the first time, this is not your usual reaction.


Neither is this...

or that.

So what the heck is going on?

When Korey and Sharon Rademacher found out they were expecting again, they decided they didn't want to know the gender of their second child.

But for their family and closest friends, the Rademachers had a way bigger surprise in store. Because they were not merely expecting a second child. They were actually about to welcome twins into their family. 

The video uploaded on Youtube by the proud dad captures priceless reactions of unsuspecting friends and family members. They arrive at the hospital excited to finally find out the gender of the newborn only to learn... it's actually two of them.

"How could you keep a secret like that?" one of the close friends, obviously still in shock, asks while laughing in the video.

Watch the entire video below.

Good one. Way to go, the Rademachers!

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