He Is Fighting Cancer. The Support Through Facebook Has Been So Helpful.

The community stepped up.

Jay Kallio is battling cancer and a Facebook community group he belongs to, stepped up to show it cares. 

According to DNAinfo New York, Kallio, a transgender man, was diagnosed with his second cancer, a form of lung cancer — and it's terminal. Doctors gave Kallio six months to live this past January, DNAinfo reported. 

Besides his difficult battle with cancer, Kallio's home, in New York, was also reportedly in need of serious repair. 

"I basically said, 'Look, I'm not long for the world here, so you might as well just wait until I die and then go in there and do everything,' " he told DNAinfo in regards to his communication with the New York City Housing Authority. 

Instead, Kallio worked to give away his belongings on a Facebook group page titled Queer Exchange. Ella Grasch, a member of the group, visited Kallio's home because of her interest in free soaps.

Once observing the conditions of his apartment and learning the details of his health condition, Grasch decided to create a post aimed to help Kallio. 

Following her post, both friends and strangers of Kallio raised more than $7,000 to help pay for the costs of his treatments, food and home repairs.


This helped Kallio greatly.

"That makes a huge difference in my life," Kallio told DNAinfo. "A night-and-day difference in my life. I'm used to surviving on eight hundred dollars a month."

A longtime activist for the LGBTQ community and fighter against transgender discrimination, Kallio is still fighting for his life. 

The power of community and empathy for a friend — or a stranger, can greatly touch someone.


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