7 Pumpkins Carved Into Insanely Cool Works Of Art

"I'm interested in making work that must be destroyed to be completed."

Artist Edward Cabral has an usual preference in canvases. He likes using surfaces for his art that can't be archived, such as cakes, pumpkins and unfired ceramics. 

"I'm interested in making work that must be destroyed to be completed," Cabral writes on his website

His interest in experimenting with pumpkins started three years ago when he attended the three week long Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular in Louisville, Kentucky. 

"Louisville is crazy about Halloween," Cabral told Mashable. "The show is a quarter-mile trail that goes through the woods decorated with about 150 intricate pumpkins and roughly 5,000 standard jack-o'-lanterns lining the trail and in the trees."

Cabral's pumpkin art is so good, he now works full-time for Louisville's Halloween show. This year's theme is "The World is a Stage."


After Cabral selects the perfect pumpkin, he uses markers and paint to draw the image he wants. Then, he makes tons of intricate cuts to complete to work of art.

Each pumpkin can take roughly six hours to complete.

Once you see how awesome they come out, you'll know it's well worth it. Check some of them out below:

1. Man on the moon

2. Hunter S. Thompson

3. Tiger

4. Martin Luther King, Jr.

5. Shakespeare

6. Phantom of the Opera

7. Bearded lady

(H/T: Mashable

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