They Had To Enter Through Doors Labeled As Either 'Beautiful' Or 'Average.' Their Choices Were Telling.

It's really up to you.

Whether you are beautiful or not is your choice. Yes, you read that right. 

Beauty is not about makeup, clothing or enhancement procedures. It's simply about empowering yourself to feel beautiful. To remind us of that, Dove has created yet another powerful campaign. And this one might be our favorite so far. 

Unsuspecting women in five different cities around the globe (San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and São Paolo) were secretly filmed as they walked up to an entrance of a shopping mall. There, they had a choice to make. One door was labeled "Beautiful" and the other "Average."


Which door would you pick?

"It was a bit confronting, to be honest," says one of the ladies in the video."To see these big signs, feeling like you have to choice and be self-conscious of how you perceive yourself. And perhaps it's in line with how the rest of the world perceives you."

Watch the entire video below to see which door women around the world picked.

This mum knows what's up.

So remember, empowering yourself is a choice.

Let's chose "beautiful." Always.

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