At First These Men Seem Nice, But They're Actually Not What You'd Think


Tinder, the popular dating app that has its users swipe through photos of possible suitors, makes 12 million matches a day. 

Anyone included in that particular statistic knows how the first few moments of flirtation can be exhilarating. This new friend seems to be bursting with endless potential. Of course, as many have experienced, it's not until later on in a relationship that we slowly discover a person's flaws. 

Inarguably one of the biggest flaws of all? Violent tendencies. And they're more common than you'd think. 


According to PADV (Partnership Against Domestic Violence), in the United States alone a woman is domestically abused every nine seconds.

In order to spread awareness, an organization called Women In Distress launched a campaign directly on Tinder. They created fake profiles of men whose primary pictures made them seem sweet and handsome, but who became increasingly violent and angry with each swipe.

Their message was revealed as the final image on these profiles. "Even the most promising of relationships can get ugly in an instant." 


The ad agency who dreamed up this idea on behalf of Women In Distress spent days "liking" every woman they encountered on Tinder hoping to better their odds of engagement (they couldn't engage without a match). 

The New York Times reported that women only "swipe right" or "like" a Tinder prospect 14 percent of the time. Men utilize their "right swipe" 46 percent of the time. 

The banner urged women to get help at the first sign of violence. In the process, they initiated an important dialogue with hundreds of female Tinder users. 

Although these profiles were fake, they are based on real men who may seem wonderful and gentle — until they aren't. 

Of course there are plenty of men out there who are wonderful and gentle. This campaign merely serves as a reminder. These profiles are meant to show that things can get ugly in just one swipe. Don't let it.  


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