This Dancer Cleverly Interacting WIth Illustrations Will Take Your Breath Away

You don't want to blink, trust us.

We all have our own ways of expressing ourselves. Some people draw doodles, others do stand-up comedy or sing in the shower, you name it. Whatever makes you happy. But when you combine two different forms of self-expression, even more beautiful things can happen. Take this Anti Denim video as an example. Here stunning dance meets gorgeous illustrations.  

To create the video Anti Denim teamed up with the model and choreographer Malin Pettersen, Jørgen Monkeby from the band Shining, Photographer Fred Jonni and Motionblur, a Norwegian production company. The result? Absolutely breathtaking. 

As explained on Anti Denim's Vimeo page, the project "666 Frames" is their tribute to "the dark aesthetics that seems to be a growing influence in fashion, music and art". The 27-second video was made using 666 frames. The math is simple — that's 25 frames per second. Every one of them is different and features incredibly detailed illustrations cleverly interacting with the dancer. 

Scroll down to watch the entire video. 

If you're anything like us, you'll be constantly clicking the pause button, just to take a closer look at every frame.



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