These Illustrations Show The Very Ridiculous But Very Real Expectations Women Face Every Day

"All the things I drew are something that have either happened to me personally, or to people I know well."

When France banned burkinis, a full-body swimsuit for women, earlier this summer, it led to heavy debate and outrage. It also inspired an illustration created by Twitter user @LaSauvageJaune that went viral just two weeks ago. The illustration showed that whether you cover up in a burkini at the beach or dress down in swimwear that shows much more skin, you'll still be met with criticism. 

"It made me think that it's not just clothes that women get set such ridiculous expectations for," artist Daisy Bernard told A Plus. "It's an insane amount of things that happen every day." 

Because of this, Bernard was inspired to create her own series of illustrations for The Tab that shows the other places women experience contradictory and unfair expectations. In addition to the beach, women are constantly subjected to this behavior in the workplace, in their relationships, and in their sex lives.

"All the things I drew are something that have either happened to me personally or to people I know well," she said. "They're not particularly unusual or shocking. They're things we're often guilty of accepting and breezing over. But that's precisely the reason why we need to call them out. It's not fine, and it shouldn't be normal."

We couldn't agree more.


You can check out her illustrations below:


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