Dad Illustrates The Hilarious Moments That Prove His Son Totally Rules His Life

"I wouldn't trade them for anything."

What's A-Parent is a series highlighting those who get real about the hardships that come with raising kids. These often untold stories help show parents they are not alone in their struggle, and are doing an amazing job.

Who runs the world? Toddlers. Dad Jonathan Jui illustrates that point perfectly in his Instagram series that shows a parent's life really doesn't belong to them at all, because it's dictated by their children. 


"When you become a parent, time (in retrospect) seems to go by faster," Jui tells Bored Panda. "You're doing your thing — changing diapers, pushing a stroller around, doing mounds of laundry — and BAM, it hits you ... that moment of clarity and sobering reality that your life is not just yours anymore ... Well, I've been getting more and more of those moments as my son gets older," Jui says. And although this might sounds stressful, he "wouldn't trade them for anything."

Jui's series shows what happens when his toddler has a complete meltdown, when he sleeps however he wants, and when he forces the family to do certain activities "just because he wanted to." Jui also pairs the illustrations with real-life photos, which make them even more relatable and precious at the same time.

In one post, for example, Jui's comic shows Jui asking his son not to tattle about a broken door to his mother. "Let's keep this one between us," Jui tells his son. In the next part of the comic, his son says, "Baba broken door," looking up at his mother.

"He may be innocent and a goodie-goodie, but Baobao's also a straight-up snitch who tells his mama everything," Jui captions.

"Hahaha been there!" one person comments in response to the comic on Instagram. 

We love that Jui uses his talent as both an outlet for creativity and as a way to document his life. Moreover, we're sure parents all over the world can relate to the series. Check it out below! 













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