So You Think Toddlers Can't Be Legit Fashion Designers? This 2-Year-Old Will Prove You Wrong.

Way to go, little Sofija.

If someone told you that this blouse was designed by a two-year-old, chances are you'd think they are kidding.


Well, don't be so quick to judge. Because the print was actually created by a toddler named Sofija, who might just be the world's youngest designer.

Here's little Sofija in action.

Armed with a brush and some paint, she creates gorgeous works.

And here's Sofija's mom, Eglė Ziemyte, who also happens to be the creative director behind the clothing brand D.Efect.

D.Efect is a clothing brand that is all about celebrating "the beauty of imperfection." You might even recall the brand's campaign, in which 12 Drop Dead Gorgeous Models Were Asked How They Feel About Their Looks And Their Answers Were Nothing Like We Expected Them To Be. If there's one thing that it taught us, it has to be that we are beautiful because — not in spite — of our imperfections.

When Ziemyte saw little Sofija doodling abstract patterns at the age of two...

... she instantly knew that the little one was onto something.

Something imperfect, hence beautiful.

Using her daughter's drawings, Ziemyte created a print called "Youngest Designer."

She used it for her newest clothing collection.

It does look quite elegant...

... and very high-fashion.

Way to go, little Sofija. 

Not only making your mommy proud, creating prints that every fashionista wants, but also proving to kids around the world that your age can't stop you from being anything you want. Like... a fashion designer at the age of two.

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