12 Drop Dead Gorgeous Models Were Asked How They Feel About Their Looks And Their Answers Were Nothing Like We Expected Them To Be

"Write this down: you're beautiful."

Every day we're bombarded with messages telling us what a perfect smile or perfect hair look like. We're shown pictures of drop dead gorgeous models who seem to have it all. But do they think so, too?

"Today will be the same as yesterday," starts this video from D.EFECT, a Lithuanian clothing label. "Ads, media, movies, or even your friends will broadcast beauty. Most of it will be a better version of a person: enhanced — photoshopped — beautified. And this obsession with perfect looks will make you feel hopelessly insecure and miserable. But is it only you?" 

D.EFECT put 12 gorgeous Lithuanian models in front of a camera and asked them how they really felt about their looks. Their answers are telling.


"When I'm smiling, I have on the side two wrinkles, which I completely don't like," says one of the models.

"I was called a giraffe," says another girl. "Most of the guys are shorter than me. I feel like the Eiffel Tower, you know."

Watch the entire video below. Whoa.

So perhaps it's really time to start finding the beauty in our imperfections. And celebrate them.

"Write this down: you're beautiful, because you're imperfect."

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