This Acoustic Cover Of 'Pretty Girls' Will Leave You Wondering Why This English Guy Isn't Famous Yet

Left us speechless.

Meet Curtis Golden.


Golden is a 21-year-old youngster from Derbyshire, England. He loves playing computer games, reading comics and collecting figurines of super heroes. He refers to himself as a "stereotypical geek."

But Golden is so much more than that. He's also an extremely talented musician who barely anyone knows about. More people should, though, and we have a video to prove it.

In this video, which Golden posted on YouTube a couple of days ago, he does an acoustic cover of Britney's and Iggy's new single, "Pretty Girls."

"All around the world pretty girls wipe the floor with all the boys, pour the drinks, bring the noise," he sings — and we literally get goosebumps because of how beautiful it sounds.

Watch the entire video below.

"This literally took all day to not mess up," Golden explains on his YouTube channel. "Heard it this morning and just decided to spend all day figuring something out for it. Even though my uni deadline is like next week."

Are you kidding us, Curtis? This is beyond perfect. 

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