To The Surprise Of Passersby, These Teen Girls Put On A Magical Dance Performance In The Streets Of NYC

We feel like dancing right about now.

So we all have a pretty good idea what the human body is capable of, right? Well, you might want to give it another thought, because these three teen girls have just taken over the streets of New York, performing a stunning ballet routine that pushes the limits of what many might think the human form can do.

The video, directed by New York-based filmmaker Crystal Moselle, follows the trio, Cassiel, Elisabeth and Isabel, dancing to the song "Shapeshifting" by Color War. The girls put on a mind-blowing performance that surprises and delights many an unsuspecting passerby. 

"I met Cassiel Eatock in South Africa a few years ago on a commercial I was directing," Moselle told A+. "She came to New York to do a ballet program and met Isabel Ball and Elizabeth Van Genderen."

The director was able to capture these little ballerinas magically transforming the streets of New York into one big stage. As Moselle explained to A+, together with With Color War they created a loose narrative with the girls and then shot it all in one late afternoon and evening. 

If seeing this will not make you feel like dancing and moving your body in all sorts of incredible ways, we don't know what will. 


A little stretching here and there.

Some laughs.

And the show is good to start.

Did someone just say "splits in the air"?

Whoa, there.

Quick change of outfits.

Now we're talking.

We didn't even know your body could move that way.

Hello, city!


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(H/T: Nowness)


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