This Guy Asks Women A Question They're Not Used To Answering In This Social Experiment

"Is that a real question?"

Do you consider yourself a beautiful person? 

YouTuber Cordero Roman was surprised to find out only 4 percent of women worldwide consider themselves to be beautiful, according to a self-esteem study, conducted by Dove

"I want as many people as possible to truly and confidently believe that they are beautiful," Roman says in a video

So, he decided to try a little social experiment:  He went up to random women and asked them questions that assumed they thought they were beautiful. 

To make things a little less creepy, he told the women he was from the California State Beauty and Health Institute and conducting a quick survey. 

He started by asking them one simple question. 


"In your own personal experience, is it hard being a beautiful person?"

Many of the women he surveyed felt uncomfortable describing themselves as beautiful, and went as far as to say they weren't.

Although, it should be noted there's a stigma associated with expressing that kind of confidence. Most women don't want to come off sounding vain. 

Then, Roman asked them what advice they would give to people who don't think they're beautiful.

You can watch the whole video below:


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