This Aussie Girl Earns $127,000 Per Month Thanks To These Bloody Adorable YouTube Videos

Business tycoon of tomorrow?

Most 9-year-olds sell cookies or make lemonade to earn pocket money. 

Not this Australian girl. She has some serious tricks up her sleeve on how to earn extra cash. And by "extra" we mean "a whole lot."


Meet Charli, 9, and her little sister Ashlee, 6.

OK, here's a slightly less goofy photo of the two.

Charli is the chef star of a YouTube channel called CharlisCraftyKitchen. It has more than 330 thousand subscribers and nearly 290 million views worldwide. This actually makes CharlisCraftyKitchen the largest food channel on YouTube. Take that, Gordon Ramsey.

In her YouTube videos, Charli, often with a little help from her younger sister, teaches us how to cook "party foods that are simple and great." We're talking marshmallow flower pops, Barbie birthday cakes or, as in the tutorial below, shark jello. 

What's even more exciting, especially for the mini chef herself, is that based on the estimates released by Outrigger's her YouTube channel generates more than $127,000 a month in advertising revenue, which is enough to make us question our career choices.

As CharlisCraftyKItchen's website explains, Charli's YouTube career began in 2012, when Charli and her sister Ashley a.k.a. "chef's taste taster" started uploading their baking videos to YouTube. All baking (and tasting) is done by these two without the help of an adult, obvi.

Check out one of our favorite videos below. Posted just over half a year ago, it already has 3.14 million views.

Way to go, little misses.

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