These Guys Lost Their Jobs. Here's The Hilarious Way They Grieved.

We'd say they took it pretty well...

In 2013, Target opened 133 stores in Canada in an earnest attempt at international expansion. 

Unfortunately, this turned out to be an expensive mistake. reported, "it is taking a $5.4 billion write-down on the Canada business and had a total net loss in the Great White North of some $2 billion."

Often, when businesses close, we fail to consider what that looks like from the inside. How do the employees respond to the bad news?


Well, six newly unemployed workers from the Tillicum store in Victoria, British Columbia took it pretty well.

They performed a musical tribute to their former stomping ground making instruments out of any supplies they could find at the nearly empty superstore — and the video of their send-off has been going viral.

Of course it's always very sad when a business closes its doors, but it's nice to know that these guys have a plan B:



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