Bradley Cooper IS 'American Cupid.' (Wait, What?)

OK, so maybe it won't be nominated for an Oscar, but it's great for a laugh.

Bradley Cooper is an actor with range. He can play almost any role.


The Academy Awards are around the corner and Bradley Cooper has been nominated for best actor in "American Sniper." He's got a good shot too (no pun intended).

Since he first came on the scene, he's been delivering one good performance after another. He's been nominated for "Silver Linings Playbook" and "American Hustle" in the past and we think he's due a win this year. 

Now, he's up for the most challenging role of his career. He's taking on the part of an iconic super hero — a mythological god.

Bradley Cooper IS "American Cupid."

Armed with only a pair wings and a sniper rifle, he solves the world's greatest love conflicts.

He goes back in time to our favorite rom-coms and with one shot of his love-inspiring rifle, he ends romantic dilemmas before they even gets started.

That's right, there'll never be a reason to watch another rom-com ever again.

So basically, he just ruined Valentine's. Wow, thanks a lot, Bradley Cooper.

Just kidding. We still love you — especially in the hilarious "American Cupid" parody below.

Original image by Josh Jenson (stars added.)


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