This Woman Wanted An Open Marriage. Here's How That Story Ended For Her.

"Good girl seeks experience."

Robin Rinaldi and her husband hit a marital crisis. So Robin did something that many deemed inappropriate.

She pursued other men and an open marriage.


Although her husband was hurt and concerned that this would lead to the demise of their relationship, he gave her his blessing.

They established an "open marriage" and set ground rules which they hoped would help them to stay relatively committed to each other during their year-long hiatus:    

-Safe sex.
-No mutual acquaintances. 
-No longterm, serious relationships. 

They both ended up breaking two of those rules over the course of the year.

Rinaldi's experience ended up being destructive to her marriage but constructive for her personal growth. In fact, she is now married to one of her lovers and she wrote a book entitled "The Wild Oats Project" based on her experiences. 

Hear her explain what she's learned from sowing her wild oats — at an unconventional time of life.


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