This Lady Brews Clothing Out Of... (Wait For It) Green Tea And Sugar

Mind. Blown.

In our recent article 3 Young People Get To See The Cambodian Factories Where Their Clothes Are Made, we pointed out that it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of clothing trends and never think too hard about where our clothes come from. But what about the materials they are made from?

The harsh reality is that during the last decades the entire fashion industry became more and more dependent on scarce natural resources. Be it cotton from "gigantic fields in India" or materials like nylon derived from petroleum products

Sure, we love natural materials. Sadly, most of the leftovers from manufactured clothes are simply tossed away. Meaning tons and tons of natural materials go to waste each year. 

But Suzanne Lee, the director of Biocouture, a biocreative design consultancy, wants to change that.


This lady quite literally brews her own sustainable fabrics.

As Lee explains in the video below, she was talking to scientists and engineers to figure out what fashion will look like 50 years from now. One of the people she spoke with was a biologist. He suggested that one could grow a dress in a "vat of liquid using bacteria."

So Lee decided to give it a go.

To grow fabrics Lee uses green tea, sugar and...

... yeast and bacteria culture that comes in the form of a mat.

The materials take the shape of containers you grow them in.

"This is a method of producing fashion which is closer to brewing beer or making food than any kind of traditional textile process," explains Lee.

Mind. Blown.

Green tea skirt, anyone?

Watch the entire video below.

Is this something we'll be wearing 50 years from now? We want to know what you think.

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