Nerdy Guy Asks Strangers If He Can Rap For Them, But No One Expects Him To Absolutely Kill It

"You just tell me if it's good or not."

If a nerdy-looking kid came up to you in the street and told you that he just wrote a rap song, chances are you wouldn't expect much.

These unaware passersby didn't either. 

Little did they know that this was, in fact, a setup by a Youtuber Big Daws. And the geek in a funny outfit... Well, he's actually Futuristic, an Arizona-based rapper. 

"You just tell me if it's good or not," the rapper-in-disguise says. 

As the BigDawsTv Youtube Channel explains, Futuristic performs a still-to-be-released song off his upcoming album titled "The Rise."  The reactions of the strangers who think he's just some random geeky kid are absolutely precious. And heck yeah, Futuristic is so nailing it.

Watch the entire video below.


Baaaam! Killing it, mate.

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