9 Superpowers Beyoncé Would Have If She Played Herself In 'The Avengers'

Flaming Queen Bey?

Hold on to your hats for this one, guys: rumor has it that Queen Bey, in all her fierce-yet-vulnerable glory, is in talks to join The Avengers cast. Though Beyoncé nor Marvel have confirmed this yet, if it turns out to be true, the entertainment industry might just implode from all the nervous anticipation. As unverified as the information is, it naturally led us to wonder what kind of superpower would Beyoncé have in Marvel's The Avengers?

To be sure, we're taking this exciting rumor with a giant pinch of salt. It was first reported by The Daily Star, a UK tabloid, and no industry sources have corroborated the rumor so far. A senior executive at distributor Disney reportedly said, "We would love to have Beyoncé onboard, almost certainly as a newcomer to the screen from Marvel's existing catalogue of comic book characters."

Among the roles she is allegedly being considered for are Boom-Boom, Blink, Tigra and Hawkeye, characters that don't quite fit into The Avengers storyline, which further casts doubt on the information. But along that line, wouldn't it be so much better if Bey simply played herself in the movie? If Beyoncé were in The Avengers, what would her superpower be?



Maybe Disney and Marvel executives saw this music video and went, "Y-E-S.'"

Explosives Manipulation

This could absolutely be Queen Bey's superpower.


Beyoncé could totally pull off being a leopard.

Fire Manipulation

Her superhero name would be Flaming Queen Bey.

Animal Telepathy

Beyoncé could totally handle these wild, drooling hyenas. Obviously, she would be wearing a gown while doing so.


Two Beyoncés are better than one. 

Perception Manipulation

Best Marvel character ever?

Animal Morphing

Fierce as a feline — appropriate.


Honestly, Bey as leader of The Avengers is not only completely plausible, it could well be the role of a century.


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