Here's What Your Cocktail Looks Like Under A Microscope

Happy hour never looked so good.

When you look at your cocktail, what do you see?


A glass? Ice? A fun paper umbrella? Sure, that's what you'd see if you casually glanced at a drink as the bartender slides it over to you. But try looking closer. Like, microscopically close. 

Eyes not good enough to see that closely? Then check out these images from BevShots, which feature different beverages that have been examined under a microscope and falsely colored so you can see all of the amazing detail hidden in your drink.

In the 1990s, a researcher named Michael Davidson from Florida State University first began taking microscopic images of beverages. The company was expanded in 2006 and renamed BevShots.

These designs have also been added to a number of items, like wall prints, coasters, and flasks, so you can surround yourself with your favorite beverages in a way that is more "modern art enthusiast" and less "functional alcoholic."

Piña Colada

Click to view Piña Colada in greater detail.

Vodka Tonic

Click to view Vodka Tonic in greater detail.

White Russian

Click to view White Russian in greater detail.

English Oatmeal Stout

Click to view English Oatmeal Stout in greater detail.


Click to view Sake in greater detail.


Click to view Cola in greater detail.


Click to view Cosmopolitan in greater detail.

Dirty Martini

Click to view Dirty Martini in greater detail.


Click to view Gin in greater detail.


Click to view Margarita in greater detail.


Click to view Champagne in greater detail.

Red Wine

Click to view Red Wine in greater detail.

Rum and Cola

Click to view Rum and Cola in greater detail.


Click to view Scotch in greater detail.


Click to view Tequila in greater detail.

All images credited to BevShots and have been used with permission

H/T: TwentyTwoWords


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