BFFs Play 'Truth Or Drink.' Things Get — You Got It — Awkward.

Spoiler. This might make you question you BFF.

You might remember this video from a couple of months ago.


Back then, in the video released by Cutparents and their kids sat down for a game of 'Truth Or  Drink.' As one might expect, things did get pretty awkward. 

After all, there are questions that no father should ask his daughter. For his own good, really. 

This time around, BFFs were put to the same test...

The rules were simple. Just like before, the participants were asked a bunch of random questions. They could either answer them or take a shot. Their call, really.

That's weird, you'd think. Best friends know everything about each other. Like, EVERYTHING.

But do they really?

The game begins with relatively simple questions. 

"Have you ever disliked someone I dated?" a woman asks her BFF.

"Yep. Most of them," her BFF answers.

Well, at least she's honest. You can always count on your bestie to tell you the truth.

"What would it take for us to have sex?" a guy asks his mate.

Bam! That escalated quickly. Also, very U.N.CO.M.F.O.R.T.B.A.L.E. 

Serve that shot already, buddy.

And you'd think besties have nothing to hide!

Watch the entire video below.

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