These Are Our Favorite Internet Pranks This April Fools' Day

The best ways to get a little silly this April 1.

Every year, companies wanting to show off their humorous side release updates, products, and innovations that sound just a little too good to be true, but just in time for April Fools' Day. We've rounded up our favorite pranks and fake products from this year's jokes in celebration of our favorite day to get a little silly. 


Google Wind

Google is taking innovation to the next level with "Google Wind," a program the company is launching in the Netherlands to control the weather. The initiative involves connecting all 1,170 windmills in the country and then using wind power to blow away the clouds that often blanket the country or cause it to rain in a location that's looking a little dry. 

Google Pac-Maps

Screenshot / Google

While Google pulled a similar prank in 2015, this year, Google Maps users this year can transform the app into a game of Ms. Pac-Man. To play, open Google Maps in your browser or on your phone (make sure you have the latest update installed) and hit the button that looks suspiciously like a game character. Then watch your world transform into '80s game — just watch out for ghosts.

Netflix Live

The streaming video service debuted its latest original Netflix Live on March 31, a 48-minute video of actor Will Arnett narrating/waxing poetic over footage of mundane office appliances. It's not the most riveting footage, but it is surprisingly soothing. Watch the full video on Netflix. 

Reddit Place

Screenshot / Reddit

The newest subreddit is a little more of a social experiment than a prank in which users have been given an empty canvas and are able to add tiles to the project, but must wait five minutes before being able to place another. While not exempt from the usual troll-ish behaviors of the Internet, users have mostly banned together to create some interesting images. Watch the artwork grow in real time on Reddit.

Hulu Hu

The opinion that our attention spans seem to be decreasing has not been lost on Hulu. The streaming site debuted its "Hu" service today, which condenses all your favorite shows into eight-second clips. If this was real, imagine all the TV you could watch.

Roku SnackSuggest

Screenshot / Roku

This is one of our top pranks from this year that we wish was actually happening. Roku's new "SnackSuggest" setting gives watchers food pairings for all those long binge-watching sessions. For example, for the show Vampire Diaries, the program suggests garlic fries and red velvet cupcakes. Game of Thrones fans should eat mutton, chicken wings, and ale while they watch the drama unfold in Westeros. 

Burger King Whopper Toothpaste

The fake product this year that best walks the line between grossing us out and making us want to buy it is Burger King's Whopper toothpaste. For everyone who wants a hint of hamburger in every bite, the toothpaste promises to keep your breath Whopper fresh all day long.


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