These Construction Workers Have Some Pretty Bold Statements Ready For Women Passing By. Bravo, Gentlemen!

"You wanna hear a filthy word?"

If we told you that these two men were shouting out stuff to women passing by, you might think you know what they were saying.


Maybe something along the lines of "You're looking good, baby" or "woo-woo," right? At least that's what Miranda from "Sex and the City" got when she encountered construction workers. And "Sex and the City" would never mislead us . 

Well.. Not that fast with the stereotyping, guys!

"You wanna hear a filthy word?" says one of the construction workers to a woman walking by.

"Gender bias!" he yells.

Heck, yes!

The video was released as a commercial for Snickers and features Aussie construction workers shouting out empowering statements to women. No catcalling. Just respectful, empowering statements. For a change.

"I'd like to show you... the respect you deserve" one of the construction workers shouts to a woman walking by.

"A woman's place is... wherever she chooses," another one adds.

Watch the entire video below. It's a funny approach to a pretty serious topic.

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