These Striking Double Exposure Tattoos Will Ensure Your Ink Is Anything But Basic

This tattoo artist takes a page out of photographers' books.

From tattoos that are made up of thousands of tiny dots to designs that are actually one continuous line, we've seen tons of tattoo artists experiment with different eye-catching styles and push boundaries. Most recently, the artist that caught our attention gets his inspiration from photography. But not in the way you may think. 

Ukrainian tattoo artist Andrey Lukovnikov employs an effect commonly used in photography called double exposure. The technique merges two photos together to create a single image. Lukovnikov does the same with his tattoos. The result is a unique and strikingly beautiful design. 

Seemingly inspired by nature, Lukovnikov's designs often include animals, plants, and flowers. He's currently based in Poland, which can make it hard to get one of these bad boys permanently put on yourself. But you can, at least, live vicariously through the people who do by checking out his Instagram.

Check out some of his work in the photos and videos below:


(H/T: Konbini


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