'Allergic To Cats From Birth,' This Photographer Now Snaps The Most Mesmerizing Close-Ups Of Cat Eyes


Say hello to Andrew Marttila.


This self-declared "crazy cat man" is a Philadelphia-based pet photographer.

"Being deathly allergic to cats and dogs since birth, larger animals always remained at arm's length," Marttila explains on his website. "At the age of 22, I decided it was time to overcome my allergy and build an immunity through exposure. Having accomplished this, my adoration for larger animals is making up for lost time."

Well, we're certainly glad his allergies no longer stop him, because his photos are simply gorgeous. 

For his ongoing Micro Photography series, Marttila snaps close-up photos of the cat eye, and the results are simply breathtaking. 

Take a look below to see the cat eye as you've never seen it before:

"I began taking macro shots a few years ago after realizing the unique beauty every cat eye possesses," Marttila told A Plus.

"There appears to be entire galaxies held inside, often hard to view with the naked eye."

"I wanted to show off these colorful features that are much like snowflakes; it's impossible to imagine how distinctly different they can be until properly captured."

Simply hypnotizing. Need we say more? 

Check out more of Marttila's work on his Instagram, or follow him on Twitter. 


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