Mother Gushes Over 'Meanest Mom' Award In Hilarious Facebook 'Acceptance Speech'

"Meanest mom in the whole world. Wow. Out of all those other moms, they chose me. Me!"

"Oh my goodness. Thank you, thank you. Friends. Family. Thank you. I am absolutely flabbergasted right now," blogger Amy Weatherly wrote on Facebook. "I feel so blessed to be standing in front of you today. I truly wasn't expecting this."


It's not unusual for parents to boast about their family's achievements, but for Weatherly, her new accolade was especially worthy of social media celebration. After all, just last week, this mother's son awarded her the coveted title of "Meanest Mom" in the world. And her joy's so palpable, any parent who's been there, too, might not be able to hold back their proud sobs.

"Meanest mom in the whole world. Wow. Out of all those other moms, they chose me. Me! Just a small town girl, living in my lonely closet hiding from my kids with a box of cookies," Weatherly exclaimed in her Facebook acceptance speech.

According to Weatherly, her son told her he didn't want her to be his mother anymore because she made him play outside in the beautiful weather, and she said he couldn't have an ice cream bar for breakfast. "[S]o in his defense - Fair. I am a clearly a monster," she said. While she wasn't initially sure she deserved this important title, she decided to embrace her new post and express her gratitude in one hilarious, albeit truthful, "acceptance speech" to an imaginary room filled with other bad parents.

"I am only up here as a mere representation of the meanness that is inside all the parents gathered here today who love their children with all their heart, but who are not ruled or squashed or persuaded by their every weird demand," she wrote. 

"Cindy. Linda. Karen. Rachel. Rebecca. Amber. I feel like you guys should stand be up here with me," Weatherly added. "Linda, I saw you stop your kid from standing up at the slide — so mean. Rachel, for only letting your kid be in two activities at a time. Amber, for not buying your sweet baby a third Halloween costume just because they changed their mind — you are ruthless, girl. I am honored to know you."

Weatherly then thanked her husband: "This is only possible because of you and that one night. You know the one. Without you, I would only be 'world's meanest,' and that's not nearly as fun."

"Second of all, I would like to thank my children," she added. "You nominated me. You voted me. You appointed me. After nine months and hours of labor, you came out looking exactly like your father. That was nice."

Ultimately, Weatherly wanted to show her fellow moms that dreams really do come true. "You can do the impossible," she wrote. "You can climb the mountain. You can be meaner than you ever thought possible."

From "moms who make their kids play outside when it's warm and sunny outside" and "moms who made them drink water to keep them hydrated," to "moms who made them put on pants this morning before leaving the house" and "moms who yelled when they wanted to urinate right there in the middle of the Walmart parking lot," Weatherly dedicated her award to those who are doing their best to earn the title themselves. Being the "meanest" indicates you care about your child's health and wellness, after all.

"I hope this award reminds you to hold your head up high and pat yourself on the back, or have your children roll Tonka Trucks on your back if you can't reach that far and you need a good massage, but can't afford one because kids are expensive as heck. Maybe open the dishwasher and get a good steam facial," Weatherly concluded. "You are doing it. You are really doing it." 

"World's meanest mom. Wow. We are living in a great time, when anything is possible," she added. "When even relatively nice, good-hearted momma who only loves and wants what's best for her children can win an award like this. Thank you. We are all doing okay."

Cover image via Sharomka / Shutterstock


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