27 Feelings Women Have, Illustrated

#12 is great advice.

Many women try to reconcile their love for things labeled as traditionally "feminine" (like cute dresses and hair clips) with feminist ideals that demand not giving into gender constructs. But one anonymous artist, who calls herself Ambivalently Yours, is dedicated to unwinding the complexities of what it means to be both "feminine" and a feminist today. 


"Eventually, I decided to stop worrying about what others thought of me and embrace my contradictions," she told A Plus.

The artist, currently a resident at Glasgow's CCA, has been "ambivalently rebelling" against the struggle of being a "girly" feminist by sharing her emotions on anonymous notes left in public spaces. 

These eye-catching illustrations are meant to start conversations on the topics of feminism and girl culture: "My hope is that my illustrations will inspire people to be unapologetic about their emotions and feminist beliefs by giving themselves permission to embrace their contradictions and decide for themselves how they want to be defined."

Check them out below: 

1. On friends and feelings.

2. On loving yourself.

3. On the pressure to be less emotional.

4. On fighting other people's expectations.

5. On lack of understanding.

6. On accepting that everyone has flaws.

7. On loving people for who they are — not who you hope they'll become.

8. On love.

9. On friendly discourse.

10. On pain.

11. On being messy.

12. On rejecting other people's influences.

13. On allies.

14. On feminist misconceptions.

15. On moving on.

16. On existing on a spectrum.

17. On defining yourself.

18. On pushing yourself forward.

19. On knowing when someone else's misery is bringing you down.

20. On celebrating other women's successes.

21. On being kind to yourself.

22. On ignorance.

23. On bravery.

24. On anger.

25. On wearing what you want.

26. On being different.

27. On failure.

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