15 Of Jay Z's 99 Problems, Illustrated

He's just like us...

If you haven't heard Jay Z's hit single "99 Problems" then you're probably currently an infant. Since its release in 2004, it has been parodied, turned into memes, and now is the inspiration behind artist Ali Graham's illustration series "99 Problems." 

"Initial inspiration for 99 Problems came from the song appearing on shuffle, and it got me thinking what those 99 problems could be for a superstar rapper that appears to have it all," Graham told A Plus. "I explored the notion through my love of wordplay and lyrics, as well as the super mundane everyday problems we all have to face." 

He has collected his 99 illustrations into a "99 Problems" book. Here are a few favorites:


1. "Ball So Hard."

2. "Vegan Birthday."

3. "Hustler Baby."

4. "Bad Parenting."

5. "Too Much To Watch."

6. "Too Many Hoes."

7. "I'm Never Going To Jail."

8. "Interruptions."

9. "Coulda Been A Chemist."

10. "Emperor State Of Mind."

11. "Can't Wear Skinny Jeans."

12. "Unappreciated."

13. "Shots Sprayed."

14. "She's A Survivor."

15. "Unhappy."

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