Witty, Yet Brutally Honest Posters Show How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

"Happiness is..."

Thanks to technology, our lives are pretty fantastic. We can take flights around the globe, watch movies on our laptops, get in touch with our friends no matter how far away they are. And just think about how far medicine has advanced over the years.

But it's not all roses. Ajit Johnson, an Edinburgh-based artist, has created a series of posters called ‪#‎This_Generation‬. As he explains on his Facebook page, these minimalist graphics reflect "the New Generation's culture." 

They give us some serious food for thought. Like, do we really change our profile pictures as often as we change our undies? Do we really prefer wifi to outdoor water activities? 

Scroll down to see all of the posters. Some of them might feel a little too familiar.


(H/T: Fubiz)


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