Adventurers Hyped To Jump And Fall Down 'Natural' Waterslide

Some of them are pretty good. Others... ouch.

YouTuber Devin Supertramp is always looking for his next big adventure. When he heard about a "natural" waterslide in New Zealand, he took his team along to check it out. 

With a built-in ramp and boogie boards in hand, they all took turns maneuvering the slope. Good thing they had a remote helicopter camera to get the aerial shots. 

Some did better than others, but by the smiles on their faces, we'd say they all had a great time.  


It doesn't look like there's a slope, and then, whoa, there it is.

It's always a great idea to all go down at the same time.

It's not like anyone will crash into each other.

That guy on the left came out of nowhere.

And this one thinks he can walk on water.

Perfect flip.

This kid did better than the adults!

We see what you're doing there, brah.

On purpose or by accident? We're still undecided.

We're pretty sure this dude needs help.

Life is short. Why not make the most of it while we can?

Watch them in action.

Would you try it?


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