13 Cartoons That Perfectly Sum Up The Absurdity That Is Life With Kids

"I walked to school through 10 feet of snow with plastic bags over my shoes!"

Being a parent is chock-full of challenges, but dealing with them is a little easier when you can chuckle at the ridiculousness of it all. 

Writer, cartoonist, and mother-of-two Adrienne Hedger creates cartoons that perfectly sum up the trials, tribulations, and truly comical scenarios that come with the territory of parenthood. You know, like when your kid asks you to sign their homework, open their box of crackers, and tie their shoe while you're driving a car. Or when your child wants to know if today is next Saturday. 

She shares her cartoons on her Facebook page dedicated to the project so that other parents can have a laugh and know they're not alone. Even non-parents can relate considering we were all that crazy kid driving our parents nuts at one point in our lives. 


Check out Hedger's illustrations below:

1. When you want to really annoy your teenager.

2. When your kids don't understand how driving works.

3. When you make your kids feel guilty about how easy they have it.

4. When your toddler gets excited about the same things you do.

5. When you just can't figure out what's going on in your own home.

6. When you think you know how to cook something but really don't at all.

7. When your kids think they can pull one over on you.

8. When payback time comes around.

9. When it's unexpectedly time to organize.

10. When you feel sick just thinking about the germs your kids can bring home.

11. When you do something you never thought you'd do because of your kids.

12. When you try to talk to your kids like they're adults.

13. When you figure out clever ways to trick your kids.

(H/T: Woman's Day


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