Woman Writes An Open Letter To Adele —We're Laughing And Crying At The Same Time

"I was pissed and I was a woman, with feelings, and a heart."

When the dark times strike in life, we all find different ways to deal with it — be it feasting on chocolate chip cookies, turning to your family for help, or crying on your best friend's shoulder. Whatever works, right?

Well for Stephanie Pope, a Northern Irish woman from Derry, it was singing her heart out along with Adele.

Just a couple of days ago, Pope posted an open letter to Adele on the singer's Facebook page promoting  her concert in Belfast. The two never met, but Pope explains how Adele helped her deal with her traumatic breakup. 

We laughed and cried —all at the same time —while reading Pope's confession to Adele and felt every bit of it.

Take a look for yourself below:


So thanks, Adele.


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