98-Year-Old Walks 12 Miles Roundtrip To Visit His Wife In The Hospital Every Day

"He wouldn’t leave her.”

Luther Younger and his wife, Waverlee, have been married for 50 years. The bond they share is so great that when Waverlee was admitted to the hospital, her husband didn't want to be apart from her.


So, for the last two weeks, the 98-year-old has been walking 6 miles each way along a highway in Rochester, N.Y. to visit, no matter the weather.

Waverlee, is paralyzed and battled brain cancer a decade ago. Lutheta Younger, the couple's daughter, told Yahoo how the devoted husband would stay with his wife. "The whole time she was sick, he would stay overnight [in the hospital]. He wouldn't leave her."

It's no different with Waverlee's recent stay at  Strong Memorial Hospital.. The couple's daughter explains that her dad chooses to walk to the hospital to visit his wife even though she can drive him and he lives with her. "He just doesn't want to wait; he's impatient," she stated. He's also known for walking everywhere and does it for his health

"You see, I'm not humped over like those guys out here — the old guys," the active senior said to Spectrum News Rochester.

“I ain’t nothing without my wife."

 It's been a rough pull. It's been tough," The Korean War veteran added. "She's the best cup of tea I never had."

On Tuesday, a good samaritan named Dan Bookhard saw Younger walking out in the rain and offered to give him a ride to the hospital. Bookhard explained that his upbringing compelled him to help, and he couldn't leave an elderly person walking out in the rain. 

As the heartwarming story has started to go viral, daughter Lutheter has started a GoFundMe page for her parents to cover hospital expenses and rides from the hospital. The page was created on August 17 with a goal of $40,000. In four days, it has three-quarters of the money with over $30,800 raised.

(H/T: People)

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