He Celebrated His 97th Birthday By Fulfilling His Dream Of Becoming A Firefighter

"It is a milestone that, when I was in my 70s, I never thought I'd reach."

Bill Grun finally got to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a firefighter on his 97th birthday. A crew from the Doylestown Fire Company, an all-volunteer group that serves Dolyestown, PA and the surrounding areas, came to his house so he could check the goal off his bucket list.


They made him an honorary firefighter.

The Doylestown Fire Company wrote on its website how they came to celebrate Grun's birthday after getting an email from the Wesley Enhanced Living, a senior living center where Grun lives, saying he wanted to be a firefighter his entire life.

During the visit, the pensioner had the chance to go for a ride in Ladder 79 and test the truck's horn. And the fact that he is 97 didn't slow him down one bit.

He jogged across the parking lot and even wanted to climb up the ladder.

The fire service may have had to deny Grun's latter request, but he was still thrilled with the day, especially considering he didn't think he would ever achieve his goal. He explained to KYW-TV that he had always admired firefighters, but he had begun to think he wouldn't get the chance to be one. He stated, "It is a milestone that, when I was in my 70s, I never thought I'd reach."

The senior citizen is now proving that you're never too old to achieve your dreams thanks to the help of the Pennsylvania-based fire service. 

Even the firefighters ended up being floored by how active Grun was. They wrote, "Grun, an amazingly spry 97-year-old, is as sharp as men decades younger. He still teaches Sunday school and drives a manual shift Model T Ford. He's a former teacher and a gifted story teller, regaling the assembled partiers on his and his father's early days."

And even though they had to deny Grun's request to climb the ladder, they had no doubt he could have done it.

(H/T: HuffPost)


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