A 94-Year-Old WWII Veteran Hands Out Chocolate To Strangers Every Week

Bob Williams says he loves seeing the smiles on peoples' faces when he gives out chocolate.

A 94-year-old man in Long Grove, Iowa is proving that it doesn't take much more than a candy bar to make someone's day. For over 10 years, Bob Williams has been passing out chocolate to the residents of his neighborhood for no other reason than to put a smile on their faces.

According to CNN, the World War II veteran has become known in the small city for his ongoing act of kindness. Every week, he buys a box of Hershey's milk chocolate bars at the local Dollar General, passing a few to the cashiers and the people behind him in line before handing out more to anyone else he sees in town. He also has hundreds of Hershey's bars stashed in his freezer, which he often takes with him on random days to give out to passerby.


Williams' sweet gesture has reportedly earned him the nickname of the "Candy Man" in his small town of about 800 people. It also drew the attention of Hershey's itself. The company was moved by his example and recently began featuring him in a new marketing campaign.

"It puts a smile on their face," he says in a video Hershey's made about his chocolate-gifting practice, also adding,"It just makes me feel good."

Williams has given out thousands of candy bars over the years, and he inspired Hershey's to do the same. In honor of the 161st birthday of its founder, Milton Hershey, the candy conglomerate decided to send its employees out and hand out chocolate bars, just like Williams does on a regular basis.

"It's the little things in life that makes a big difference," one Long Grove resident said in the video.

Thankfully, Hershey's said it fully intends to help keep Williams' efforts going by sending him as many bars as he needs. As the company wrote in a personalized message to William in the video, "Keep going Bob. Keep warming the world."


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