92-Year-Old Climbs Back Into Plane 70 After WWII

What an awesome moment.

It's been 70 years since she flew in WWII, but the only big difference Joy Lofthouse noticed were some voices. 

"We had no radio and once you took off it was complete silence, and that was the big difference today," Lofthouse told BBC. "There was someone talking all the time and I was afraid when I talked I might be interfering with what the pilot needed to hear."

Aside from that, it was all smooth sailing. The 92-year-old vet took off and landed in a Spitfire airplane without trouble or concern, although she did acknowledge being a little less confident because of her age. 

"It's very hard to describe the feeling," she said. "It almost makes one feel young again."

According to BBC, Lofthouse was part of a team that spent their time "ferrying Royal Air Force and Royal Navy warplanes between factories, maintenance units and front-line squadrons." The joy she seems to receive from stepping back in her favorite plane is apparent.


Check out the video below:


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