19 Things That Will Remind Every '90s Kid Of Back-To-School Shopping

Couldn't start school without your gel pens.

Was there anything more fun than going school supplies shopping before the start of a new school year? 

Sure, your parents totally hated every second of it. But you'd leave the store with fresh gel pens, a Spacemaker pencil box and rad folders that would ensure you'd have the best school year ever. 

Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we? 

Here are the school supplies that bring '90s kids back to their elementary school desks:  


1. Composition notebooks ...

2. ... and multipoint pencils to write in them with.

3. Wite-Out correction tape

4. Rainbow push pens

5. Lisa Frank folders ...

6. ... and planner to go with them.

7. Mr. Sketch scented markers

8. Five Star binders and notebooks you'd write all over.

9. Dunkaroos

10. Spacemaker pencil box

11. JanSport backpack

12. Eraseable pens

13. Lunchables

14. Pins for your backpack

15. Pencils with huge erasers

16. Gel pens

17. Scratch n' Sniff stickers

18. Marker stamps

19. Yikes! pencils


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