We Can All Learn Something From The '90s, And Our Throwback Pictures Prove It

"You don't have to match perfectly to fit in."

There are many things that come to mind when thinking of the '90s: killer fashion, boy bands, The Spice Girls, a slue of timeless Freddie Prinze Jr. movies, and the story all about how some guy's life got flipped-turned upside down. 

But more importantly, the '90s bring back our own personal memories and, if we're lucky, we have the photographs to prove it.

And when we look at these photos a little deeper, we can discover some valuable life lessons worth holding onto.

So even though you chose to ditch that haircut, photos remind us to hang onto our teen spirit, our sassy charisma, our love for our families, our ambitions, or whatever it is that makes these '90s photos so uniquely awesome.

Now without further ado, here are 21 lessons the A Plus team has learned from their fantastic younger years:


1. Kalae: "Never be afraid to show how you feel."

2. Camille: "Ladies, never be afraid to carve out your place in male-dominated fields/Discovery Zone benches."

3. Vincent: "Propriety can be boring."

4. Lisa: "It's always important to express your true emotions."

5. Steven: "You don't need an airplane to reach the sky."

6. Claire: "You'll never be as cool as you were when you were seven."

7. Kimberley: "We could all use a hug. Embrace them!"

8. Victor: "Batman really is forever."

9. Danute: "Giving yourself a haircut is always a no no."

10. Cate: "You don't have to match perfectly to fit in."

11. Isaac: "Flannel shorts are the bee's knees."

12. Mandy: "Cousins make the best of friends."

13. Jordan: "Who says you can't still be a bad*** with ribbons in your hair?"

14. Dvora: "Just because it's a religious rite of passage doesn't mean you'll look good for it."

15. Ari: "Fill your arms with the ones you love."

16. Justina: "When life hands you scary duck sculptures, call the person who has got your back no matter what. Thanks, dad!"

17. Mandy: "Never be afraid to scoot up to the steering wheel and take control."

18. Liza: "Certain friendships can transcend the years and the continents."

19. Cory: "Trends come and go, but family is forever."

20. Jason: "Bonds last a lifetime. Cherish your friends from start to finish."

21. Diana: "Indulge in life and keep it classy."

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