Adults Reminiscing About Their ‘90s Halloween Costumes Might Be Too Nostalgic

Long live '90s Halloween!

You probably think that millennials who tell you that Halloween was cooler during the '90s are only saying that because they miss dressing like princesses and eating free candy. It turns out that what these twentysomethings miss about '90s Halloween is something else beyond those superficial reasons.

Here are five incredible things that members of the A Plus team miss about '90s Halloween:


1. Covering a bad hair day.

The thing I miss most about Halloween in the '90s is the ability to feel completely, blissfully unaware of when you're having a bad hair day. I miss the end-of-the-night candy count with my little sister — even though we never did quite manage to finish.

2. Wearing lots of makeup.

The best part about Halloween for me was getting to wear makeup, as evidenced by the preposterous amount of blush and glitter I'm wearing in this photo. I always felt SO glamorous and thought it really did give me an entirely new identity. It's funny that's what I loved best about it, because it's not a skill I worked on over the years. Now I'm 30 and I still feel like I don't have a firm grasp on how to apply makeup correctly.

3. The awkward family photos.

I miss every aspect of being a kid on Halloween — trick-or-treating, hanging out with the rest of the kids on the block and taking super-awkward pictures with your brother for the family photo album.

4. The free candy.

The thing I miss most about Halloween is the moment when all your (free) candy is dumped out and the inspection of what you got afterwards. And, of course, getting to eat it. Also, the trip to the Halloween store to pick out my costume was always a highly anticipated event for me. It was like prom dress shopping, but for kids.

5. The decorations.

I miss how my family would get really festive for Halloween and decorate the house with the best '90s Halloween decor.


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