Are You The Ultimate 90s Child?

Back then was soooo much different.

How is this pen related to a cassette tape?


You want to watch a movie. What do you do?

You need shoes. What will you get?

You need to call somebody but don't know their number. What do you do?

The hottest 90s hairstyle trends for girls included...

90210 means what?

It's scary movie night. What do you watch?

You're a 90s rapper. Three essential things you need to have...

This action means what?

The TV is on. What are you watching?

You're out buying jeans. Which pair will you choose?

What is this thing?

Which spice was the most popular back in the 90s?


Your Result: On the edge.

Part of you still lives in the 90s, but the memories aren't that clear. You love the old episodes of 'Friends', yet you don't think of computers and smartphones as a stunning leap in technology, rather just a handy advancement.

Your Result: Nope, you're from the future.

You were born with an iPhone in your hands and never listened to Kurt Cobain. Tags, likes and walls mean something totally different to you, and the people from the 90s are, like, your mom and dad. So... Ew!

Your Result: You're definitely from the 90s!

You are still fascinated by today's technology because VHS tapes and floppy disks were your reality. You remember the wacky fashion trends and sometimes miss the carefree days of just hanging out with your friends, not needing to instagram and check-in everywhere.


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