9 Things That Used To Happen On Facebook But (Thankfully) Don't Anymore

4. Getting excited about having a lot of notifications.

We've all had those days when we love the way social media platforms like Facebook allow us to connect with friends and relatives all over the world in ways we never could before. 

At the same time, we've all had those days when we thought about deleting our accounts, going off the grid, and never looking back. 

If you've had a Facebook since it went public ten years ago, you've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Because social media often evolves with its users' needs, we've come a long way since then. While Facebook may still annoy us from time to time, at least we can be thankful these nine things haven't happened since we stopped using dial up:


1. Getting tagged in one of those "the sassy one, the playful one, the catatonic one" cartoon group pictures. You know the ones.


"We all have the friends"... who insisted on tagging us in one of these ridiculous group photos. Once a popular trend in the late 2000s/early 2010s, tagmypals.com has since gone out of whatever business they were technically in. 

To show how far we've come, let's all agree to just tag each other in the comment section of Instagram memes.  

2. Seeing one of those "Like my status for a ..." statuses.

Facebook statuses have an unusual knack for getting meta (e.g. "I don't usually make Facebook statuses, but ...", though pandering for likes of your status in your status may just take the emoji cake. 

Whether an LMS status offered a compliment or "what I really, truthfully think of you" in return for a "like," they always epitomized our worst self-conscious and narcissistic tendencies. 

Thank goodness we all stopped doing that and started posting links to articles we didn't read beyond the headline. 

3. Having a full conversation on a friend's wall.

While you may not love Facebook's mobile messenger app, you have to admit it's preferable to the pre-comment Facebook era when friends were forced to communicate solely through individual wall posts. 

And even though you still probably see more than enough public wall conversations that should've been private messages, at least we have the option. 

4. Getting excited about having a lot of notifications.

These days, if you log into Facebook and have more than 10 notifications, you know something terrible has happened. 

Most likely, a "friend" has unearthed a picture epitomizing your awkward stage(s) that everyone you've ever met since has decided to comment on. You'll never feel more punished for being well-"liked." 

5. Automatically reposting your tweets as status updates.

Back when there were just two kids on the social media block, there was a newfound novelty to synchronizing them. Now, though, most people know every social media platform serves a specific purpose and choose to keep them separate. 

And for that, we thank you. 

6. Getting catfished.

Granted, this must still happen or MTV never would've created the TV show of the same name or continued it into a fifth season. However, due to the popularity of Catfish: The TV Show, even those who have never seen it have learned its main lesson: how to use Google's reverse image search. 

Technology — and common sense — have both come a long way since Catfish premiered in 2010 so, at least nowadays, it happens to far fewer people. 

7. Referring to yourself in the third person as a status update.

Mary may have been "a total genius. seriously, guys." and John may not have "wanted to do any of this boring homework. ugh," but neither of them needed to phrase their status updates like that. 

Thankfully, most of us have moved on to communicating solely through emojis and images or — best of all — stopped making statuses altogether. 

8. Posting long-winded notes.

While letter writing was a valuable art form in the 1700s, the same cannot be said for Facebook note writing. Let us all give thanks for that practice going the way of Juicy Couture tracksuits. 

Now, your least favorite Facebook friend just posts a novel-length status ... again. Well, sometimes, progress moves in leaps and bounds. At other times, baby steps. 

9. Interacting with (fellow) teenagers.

In case you forgot, Facebook was invented over a decade ago.

If you've had an account for the majority of that time, congratulations! You're officially old and lame — but also wise to the ways of social media. 

Let's all bask in the glory of our mutual uncoolness and not post about it together. 

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