The Happiest Couples All Have These 9 Things In Common, According To A Recent Study

The right person is out there.

No two relationships are the same, but the happiest relationships all share similar qualities, according to a new study from eHarmony and Harris Interactive. They surveyed more than 2,000 Americans — either married or in long-term relationships — to find what makes couples feel happy and satisfied in their relationships. 


Luckily for today's lovebirds, the majority of couples are "quite happy with their relationship" (64 percent compared to just 19 percent who are unhappy). While there are many reasons for all these happy couples, the study identified nine key factors that the self-described "perfectly happy" couples all have in common. 

1. They have open communication with each other.

Again, the happiest couples are also in the majority, with almost three in five respondents claiming they have "completely open communication" with their partner/spouse. Millennial couples — specifically 25 to 34-year-olds — were the generation most likely to say this, according to the survey. 

2. They're much more likely (than average) to have had relationship therapy.

Many couples seek counseling for a variety of reasons, not because they're unhappy. On the contrary, this study shows that the happiest couples are the ones most willing to acknowledge and work on their relationship problems with a professional. This may be because they're able to resolve issues as they come up, making for a happier relationship in the long run. 

3. They're likely to be the same age.

Apparently, age is more than just a number. It can be a serious determinant of relationship satisfaction. This goes along with the study's overall conclusion that the happiest couples are between similar individuals, probably because they can work toward long-term goals in sync with each other. 

4. They like to have regular date nights and hold hands when out together.

A little PDA goes a long way. Not only are the happiest couples the most romantic, but they're in the majority. By the numbers, 72 percent of respondents said they held hands when out for a walk, 68 percent said "I love you" daily, and 65 percent reported kissing on the mouth "for a second or two" each day. Awwwwww. 

5. They have a wide circle of friends.

According to the study, the happiest couples generally share personality traits like confidence, creativity, optimism, and being sociable. So it makes sense they'd have a wide circle of friends they can share with each other, too. 

6. They have sex much more frequently than average.

Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" seems to be the unofficial anthem for the happiest couples. According to the study, six in 10 people reported having sex at least weekly, meaning the happiest couples have sex twice a week or more. Must be all that dopamine ...

7. They've completed a higher level of education.

If you're looking for love, you may want to take a second look at your study buddy. This insight may also tie into the study's findings that those with the highest household income reported the highest level of both happiness and satisfaction with their relationships. Whatever the reason, paying attention in class clearly pays off. 

8. They're more likely to be first to compromise.

Compared to the study's average, the happiest couples are also the most likely to resolve their problems with compromise. This isn't surprising, considering their tendency to have open communication with each other and attend relationship therapy. Clearly, they know there's no "I" in "team" — or "love," either.  

9. They love activities like camping or going to the gym together.

It all comes down to compatibility. Not only do the happiest couples have these nine things in common, but more importantly, they're made of romantic partners that have a lot in common. On the flipside, the study found that the unhappiest couples got together because it seemed like the right time to settle down, not necessarily because they were in loveThat sounds like common sense, but it's a good reminder for everyone (regardless of their relationship status) that the right person is out there — and worth the wait. 

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