9 Patriotic Drinking Games To Play On 4th Of July

Celebrate your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of bragging rights.

From sea to shining sea, millions of adults plan to spend this long weekend partying like it's America's birthday because, well, it is. Perhaps no summer party is truly complete without at least one drinking game. 

While drinking games are often associated with beer and frat boys, you can always put a more sophisticated and grown-up twist on them by replacing the beer with cider or wine or pouring water into the playing cups and drinking your beverage of choice. 

No matter how you play, drinking games are a lively — and surprisingly active — way to bond with your current friends and family members, as well as a way to get to know new ones. Not only do they help get the party started, but drinking games can also help create memorable moments you can think fondly of in the sad, winter months. 

Of course, whenever you participate in a drinking game, it's important to play responsibly, so you can actually remember all those hilarious memories and heated rivalries for years to come. 

Our founding fathers fought for our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of bragging rights. Do 'em proud with these 9 patriotic drinking games: 


1. American Flag Beer Pong

What You'll Need: 35 cups (15 red, 11 white/clear, 9 blue) 2 ping pong balls, a table, and tons of beer 

How To Play: Instead of arranging the cups into a boring triangle, you'll use them to make the American flag. Set up the five rows of seven cups like this:

Row 1: First three cups should be blue, and the rest lined up should be red.
Row 2: First three cups should be blue, and the rest lined up should be white.
Row 3: First three cups should be blue, and the rest lined up should be red.
Row 4: All white cups
Row 5: All red cups

You play almost exactly like regular beer pong, except neither team gets any re-racks.   

2. Snap, Crackle, Drink

What You'll Need: fireworks (set off by someone else — preferably a professional at a community event), your favorite drink, and at least one back-up beverage

How To Play: Take a sip of your drink every time a firework goes off. Double your sips every time two fireworks of the same color appear one after the other. 

Finish your drink every time you think the fireworks show has ended but has actually just taken a break. 

3. Presidential Cornhole

What You'll Need: cornhole equipment, beer, and a working knowledge of the U.S. presidents

How To Play: Just follow the regular rules of cornhole, but before each beanbag toss, announce to both teams the name of a president you would sleep with (no repeats). In the first round, both JFK and Bill Clinton are off limits. 

If you make it in the hole, you have to drink for as many seconds as it takes to say that president's full name. Good luck, Dwight D. Eisenhower lovers. 

4. True American

What You'll Need: a lot of time, energy, and patience

How To Play: Made famous on the hit TV show New Girl, no one really knows. This person, however, did their best to figure it out and devised a set of "working rules." Best to read them sober. 

5. Paul Revere Relay

What You'll Need: 12 cups, two ping pong balls, a table, and lots of beer 

How To Play: Basically, it's a normal game of Relay, but you have to pretend you're galloping on a horse the entire time you're drinking or filling up a teammate's cup. Coconuts and/or other sound effects are optional. 

Score extra points (aka bragging rights) if you can gallop the entire game, especially while trying to sink a ball in pong.  

6. Red, White, and Slap Cup

What You'll Need: red, white, and blue solo cups (clear will work, if white is unavailable) and beer

How To Play: Begin with the regular rules of Slap Cup or Rage Cage (if you don't want to make as much of a mess), then incorporate the added challenge of color coordination. 

Because "every heart beats true for the red, white and blue," begin with red solo cups. The next person must grab a white cup, and the person after that a blue one, regardless of whether they are slapping or stacking. 

If you choose the wrong colored cup, you still have to drink it — and another one that is the correct color. If you're playing Rage Cage, you should have a beautiful red, white, and blue tower at the end. You probably won't, but you should. 

7. President

What'll You Need: a deck of cards (Jokers removed) and your drink of choice

How To Play: To win the game and become "President," you need to get rid of all your cards before anyone else. You do that by stacking them on top of other players' cards by various means. Once someone becomes the President, they get to make up drinking rules as you play additional rounds. 

8. Founding Fathers Flip Cup

What You'll Need: 14 cups, beer, the Hamilton soundtrack

How to Play: In honor of the seven founding fathers, you (and a potential teammate) need to drink and flip seven cups before the other person/team does while "My Shot" from Hamilton plays in the background. 

A person/team wins when they've flipped all their cups before the other person/team and before the song ends. If the song ends and neither has flipped all seven cups, the person/team with the most flipped cups wins. 

For the flip cup-challenged, "My Shot" is over five minutes long. For those who want to up the stakes, try "Ten Duel Commandments" or one of the "Cabinet Battles."

9. Long Island Iced Tea Party

What You'll Need: a good Long Island Iced Tea recipe — and water and Advil for the next morning 

How To Play: Similar to Drink While You Think, you begin by gathering comfortably in a circle. A person begins by naming an important figure from American history (any debates on historical significance are up to the group's discretion). 

The next person must name another figure whose first name starts with the first letter of the last name of the previous player's choice. For example, Thomas Jefferson to James Buchanan to Betsy Ross. 

Of course, if you can't immediately name someone, you must drink until you do. You might want to peruse a U.S. History textbook or Wikipedia page before playing. 

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