9 Awesome Apologies From People Who Are Obviously Sorry

Especially #3.

Sometimes we do and say things to people that we regret.


That regret may come on immediately or it may come later, but when it does come, it's a painful feeling of shame that can burden us. It's the kind of regret that whispers to us that we have not only injured someone else, but that, in doing so, we have also injured some vital part of ourselves; that we have betrayed our own moral code.

Saying sorry isn't always enough. Sometimes we need to confront the things we do by sitting down and writing to get to the heart of our need to apologize.

And sometimes, we need to include a token of our sincerity, whether it's beer or a cake.

Most importantly, however, we should apologize first with words and then with actions — Especially if those actions involve beer and cake.

Here are some of our favorite apologies culled from Imgur.

1. It's no wonder the marriage has lasted so long.

2. Here's a kid who seems sincerely apologetic.

3. Apologies are even better when baked.


4. Okay, but maybe stop throwing scissors.

5. Right, well... Just go easy on the booze.

6. Hope he took the money.

7. The Unicorn of apologies: Someone apologizing in the comments section on YouTube.

7. Well, at least he'll have more fun when he's patching the wall.

8. I bet the cat's still mad.


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