9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Orgasms

Ever heard of a Yogasm?

How much do you really know about orgasms, besides the obvious fact that they rock, and that people experiencing them suddenly become religious? ("Oh, God, yes!")

Well, it turns out that orgasms are pretty complex, full of wonder and some really cool science! 

Scroll down to find out some things you may not know about the height of sexual ecstasy.


1. An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.

A wealth of research has linked regular orgasms to better health. According to one study, published in the British Medical Journal (and you know those Brits are kind of uptight), men between the age of 45–59 who have at least two orgasms a week are half as likely to keel over than those who have fewer than two. Another study found that orgasms boost your immunity.

2. The longest recorded ejaculation is insane.

In his famous research on human sexuality, Alfred Kinsey measured how far men can ejaculate. While most men didn't make it very far, the record holder shot his semen a remarkable 8 feet.

3. The"G-spot orgasm" is probably a myth.

As we reported not too long ago, the G-spot may be a fable. No rigorous scientific study has proven that it exists, or that finding this elusive spot leads to a super-enhanced "vaginal orgasm." 

4. Yogasms, on the other hand, may be real.

It's rare, but it's been reported that some women can orgasm during yoga. Oooooohm!!

5. A woman's orgasm typically lasts longer than a man's.

The average orgasm for a women is in the neighborhood of 20 seconds, compared to 10-15 seconds for a man.

6. Men aren't the only ones who can climax in their sleep.

Women can also have "nocturnal orgasms," according to at least one study, which found that 37 percent of women had experienced them at least once, and 30 percent had experienced them within the previous year.

7. Nipple orgasms might be a thing.

Some women can reportedly orgasm from nipple stimulation alone, and research shows that stimulating the nipples activates the same area of the brain as genital stimulation. Can you imagine what that lab must like?

8. Some people can't stop sneezing after they climax.

An uncontrollable bout of sneezing post-orgasm is a rare but documented sexual anomaly. In fact, in some cases, just being turned on is enough to trigger it!

9. Women can climax super quickly.

During masturbation, women can reach orgasm in as little as four minutes.

If you'd like to learn even more, watch this fascinating video on the science of orgasms.

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