9 Executive Orders We Hope The President Signs This Week

If we want to bring America together, let's start with the stuff Americans agree on.

In his first two weeks in office, President Donald Trump has fulfilled his promise of acting fast: he has signed a series of executive orders aimed at fulfilling campaign promises he made to his base of supporters. 

But many of those executive orders have been controversial, both in their rollout and in their intent. New polls suggest a majority of Americans are even opposed to the stated goals of some of the executive orders.

Fortunately, though, there are plenty of executive orders President Trump could sign that would make a healthy majority of Americans happy. That's because, believe it or not, Americans actually agree on quite a bit.

Below, we've generated a few executive orders we hope to see the president sign in his coming weeks in office. 



Tired of your friends posting Facebook statuses about politics without fulling understanding the facts of the issue? We've got an executive order for that. 


Did you know that a staggering 92 percent of Americans are in favor of enhanced background checks on persons trying to purchase a firearm? 


We know, we know. You love candy and soda. So do we!

But did you also know that 90 percent of Americans want to eat more fruits and vegetables? Maybe President Trump can help make that a reality. 


Immigration is a divisive issue, but not as divisive as you think: 71 percent of Americans think that undocumented immigrants who meet certain requirements should be given a pathway to citizenship. 77 percent of those Americans think the same law should include a call for increased border security. 


Your really going to love this executive order. It'll improve you're Facebook experience significantly.


Did you know that most Americans favor teaching sex education in public schools? And that abstinence-based sex education has been shown to increase sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy? Seems like an executive order to promote safe sex is in order. 


We can all agree that the freedom to demonstrate and protest is important. We can also agree that violence is bad. So how about an executive order that promotes positive protesting? 


Love him or hate him, it's hard to argue our president is prone to embellishing things a bit. Despite that, he and his administration have repeatedly pledged to be transparent and honest with the American people. Why not get it in writing? 


84 percent of Americans believe money yields too much political power. One executive order could knock that power down a few notches. 


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